Well made leather and suede items should last for years. If your items are in need of a good cleaning or reconditioning, our leather experts are ready for the job. From cleaning Uggs (inside and out), leather jackets, purses, and other items, to repairs and redying, our cleaning experts can make your items look better than they have in years.

Suede and leather garments require special care to maximize wearing life. Always store your leather in a cool, ventilated area to prevent drying and mildew. Leather and suede are very susceptible to staining from perspiration and body oils; make sure to protect vulnerable areas by wearing scarves and shirts with sleeves. Stains should always be cared for by a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Leather and suede articles are made from the skins of various portions of an animal. As such, there are many reasons why cleaning leather results in changes in the garment’s appearance. Therefore it is generally a good idea to clean any matching pieces simultaneously, to ensure color consistency. Different textures vary in how they absorb the cleaning process, which may result in some leathers darkening more than others.


Common Questions & Answers:


Q. Can I have my suede jacket dry cleaned?
A. Yes, genuine suede and leather requires special processing to preserve the finish, feel and color. Therefore, you should bring your garment to one of our location for on-site cleaning.

Q. My leather jacket is stained (by salad dressing, yellow mustard, blood, urine, ink, wine, wine sauce, grease, perspiration). Can it be saved?
A. Most leather and suede garments will clean beautifully when processed by a professional suede and leather cleaner. However, there are some exceptions such as protein stains, blood, egg, or milk, which have an affinity to leathers. These and other stains are usually difficult to remove with normal spotting and cleaning procedures. Bring your item in to one of our locations to have a specialist look it over.

Q. I recently went to a business meeting wearing my leather jacket, and before I knew it, I was wearing an adhesive-backed name badge. When I tried to remove it, that area of my jacket lost its finish and I’m really upset. Can you help?
A. The adhesive can leave a residue and/or remove the finish and is usually difficult to restore. Good news is that the care of your leather jacket can be handled on-site at NuTrend Dry Cleaners. Contact us for more information. (215)-483-1162

Q. I had my leather jacket cleaned by a non-professional and the color changed, is this normal and can it be fixed?
A. Leather or suede cleaned by a non-accepted process can be difficult to restore. Depending on the condition, having your garment(s) professionally cleaned may restore the finish, feel, and color. Let us take a look before giving up on it.

Q. Can you remove paint spilled on my leather jacket?
A. Oil base paints are difficult to remove with the normal spotting and cleaning procedures. For best results, bring your jacket in to one of our locations to have a specialists ascertain the damage.

Q: I have a white rabbit and acrylic knit sweater jacket that I would like to send for cleaning, the care instructions say, “Do not wash. Do not dry-clean. Clean by specialist method only.” Do you foresee any problems with cleaning it
A. No, this item will clean beautifully when processed by our professional leather and suede cleaner. We utilize the many different cleaning methods when handling leather and suede. Always being active in the industry and adopting new cleaning methods insures we stay ahead of everyone else and the best in our field when it comes to cleaning your leather and suede garments. Rest assured , our state of the art facility is capable of handling any cleaning needs including the labels that say " Do not dry-clean".

Q. Is there anything that can remove ink from a suede garment?
A. Bring your garment into NuTrend for the best in care. All items are cleaned and processed on-site.